Les spectacles des élèves de deuxième année des classes Acting in English

Les élèves de deuxième année du cursus Acting in English présentent leur spectacle de fin d'année.

Acting Intermediate

Trois classes de deuxième année de Acting in English présentent ce mois-ci leur spectacle de fin d'année : 

  • The Order of Things – par les élèves d'Adam Alexander
  • Contractions – par les élèves de Pattie Martins 
  • I am Alice – par les élèves de Julian Eggerickx

 Le nombre de place étant limité, nous vous invitons à réserver par mail en indiquant votre prénom, votre nom, le spectacle auquel vous souhaitez assister, l'horaire choisi ainsi que le nombre de places demandé.

Votre réservation vous sera confirmée par retour de mail. 

  • The Order of Things – Adam Alexander’s group

Collection of scenes drawn from dark comedy and dramas exploring how humanity experiences death, denial, and identity; the realities we face and the fantasies we create or use to escape them.

Représentations : mardi 15 mai à 12h30 et 19h30 au Cours Florent Archereau (salle Guitry) : 44 rue Archereau 75019 Paris (métro Crimée)

  • Contractions – Pattie Martins’s group

An exploration of the link between the physical act of giving birth which we approach through the play BEAUTIFUL BODIES by Laura Cunningham and the artist's creative process of giving birth to a piece of work developed through the students' original ideas and writings. BEAUTIFUL BODIES by Laura Cunningham follows the lives of six women who hash out new loves, old loves, or hopes for love. They navigate their careers and their hopes or lack of hope for motherhood.

The scenes from the original plays or short scripts written by some of the students explore their generation's specific contemporary views and aspirations in various forms and styles.

Représentations : mercredi 16 mai à 17h et 20h au Cours Florent Archereau (salle Cocteau) : 44 rue Archereau 75019 Paris (métro Crimée)

  • I am Alice – Julian Eggerickx’s group

Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ meets Susan Sontag’s ‘Alice in Bed’ and more to create ‘I AM ALICE’ which delivers a more psychologically dense outlook on the classic story. Alice James a chronic invalid who is a symbol of lost potential among women becomes our Alice ‘in Wonderland’ hence, ‘I AM ALICE’ treats invalidism not only as a feminist issue but also as one of the central problems of humanity, perhaps falling down a rabbit hole was the solution after all. Treating issues with philosophy and dreams, lost voices in society, the mysteries of our 5 senses, neuroscience and asylums ‘I AM ALICE’ ponders on ideas of memory, language, and consciousness yet substitutes the intellectual concept for pure dramatization. The dramatization of ‘I AM ALICE’ demonstrates how the imagination of an individual can resist against the world and the madness we now accept as a cultural norm. But also our society’s obsession with pathology and medical diagnosis which by nature causes the paranoia and sickness of society consequently branching out towards individuals. Aren’t we more, nowadays, substituting our inner world, imagination by virtual identities, assistance, the algorithmic world of computers and robots. Theater is a primitive space in which anything can happen thanks to the capacity of the human beings belief, actors and audience are in the same space and time and perception is recreated thanks to the art of theater. Theater Mirror of the world, window of our minds!  

Représentations : mardi 22 mai à 12h30 et 20h au Cours Florent Jaurès (salle Gad Elmaleh) : 39 avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 Paris (métro Jaurès)

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en indiquant vos nom et prénom, le spectacle souhaité et le nombre de places à réserver