Week-end special Acting in English

Le Cours Florent Acting weekend 2017 a eu lieu du 10 février au 12 février avec trois intervenants remarquables : M. Stephen Jameson, Principal & Artistic Director de Mountview, James Hartnell et Eddie Gower, de Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, UK. 

Plusieurs groupes d'élèves du département Acting in English du Cours Florent à Paris ont participé à une masterclass en langue anglaise avec d'imminents membres du Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, UK. Afin de faciliter l’échange et le développement artistique pendant ce weekend, ont été mélangé, dans chacun de ces groupes, différentes années et classes de ce département.

Certaines exercices ont été organisées avec tous les groupes mais chaque groupe a pu travailler plus en détail avec chacun des trois intervenants de Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.

Chacun de ces groupes a travaillé les thèmes suivants :

  • Improvisation
  • Shakespeare
  • Responding to Character
  • Creativity
  • Movement

Voici ce qu'en ont pensé certains élèves présents : 

  • Faith O :“The Acting Weekend is a workshop I will highly recommend to everyone who aspires to a successful career in acting. Personally I thought it opened doors and windows to self-discovery as an actor. That acting is not just about reading a script and playing out the character, it is deeper and more exciting than that; you have to be alert to various factors surrounding the character, be open, receptive, trusting and aware. My favorite part of the workshop was the improvisation group activity with James Hartnell and the creativity class with Eddie Gower where he identified the logical and creative part of the brain. Finding the balance between these two but not being afraid to explore the creative side more. These points I was very happy that the workshop touched on because as new and aspiring actors/actresses we fall into the trap of planning ahead how to play a given role and when something new is added different from what we originally planned we find ourselves stuck instead of being open, alert and receptive thereby allowing fluidity of character, accepting the change and still be able to convey the message across to the audience. I had a great time and learnt a lot from this workshop not just me everyone else I spoke to and glad to have been part of this amazing experience. Thankful to Cours Florent for organizing the workshop and I look forward to the next one. Many thanks! » 
  • Jordan K :“Awesome, Fun, instructive, enriching, revelatory,...... I'm out of words. In short, I loved it and can't wait for next year. Thank you, Tamara and Isabelle, for making this possible for us.”
  • Yamit C“It was amazing, very interesting and fun!! I learned some very useful things this weekend and I feel very inspired.”
  • Marie D“Thank you for asking me! Well, I loved this week end! As usual, it’s very entertaining, and Stephen, Eddie and James are just exceptional and they just are passionate and they just share their love and passion and that is amazing. Every time I learn so much.” 
  • Emma L“I had such a great time. I am sad that it only lasted 3 days because I have spent an enjoyable weekend: those 3 teachers are amazing, very passionate, energetic and very funny! They made us understand things and practice in an entertaining way. Those 3 groups of activities were diversified and really interesting in their own way (either because it was making us work on trusting our colleagues” or because it was about physicality, focus, Shakespeare…). Besides, I also really liked the fact that we were all mixed together (1st, 2nd and 3rd year). I can’t wait to do this next year! Thank you so much for having given me the opportunity to be part of this experience.”
  • Alina D“I loved it! I'm feeling exhausted, but it was so amazing, and I'm sad and nostalgic that it's over. Thank you for doing this for us!”
  • Camille J :“Personally I thought it was amazing and definitely something I want to do again next year! Extremely important for our learning, through different methods and teachers, but also from such a wonderful academy. A mind blowing experience!!! Thank you so much for doing this!”
  • Maria Y“I really enjoyed this acting weekend with the guest speakers from Mountview, didn’t want it to end! I thought it was a rewarding experience and would love to do these workshops more often during the year! I enjoyed all sessions we did, couldn’t pick a favorite one and it was a good idea to mix all years together and divide us into smaller groups so we could work more efficiently and get the most out of it. All sessions we got to do were really interesting and I learned so much from them, overall I had a wonderful weekend!”
  • Max B“Amazing, inspiring, interesting and fun!!!”
  • Celeste R“The acting weekend proved very useful in harnessing my intuition, the most important tool any actor can have.”

Découvrez en vidéo le Acing Week-end de 2016 

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